CPU-Z 2.02 Crack Free Download

CPU-Z 2.02 Crack Free Download:

CPU-Z Crack is a freeware system information software that gathers information on some of the main devices of your operating system. The CPU-Z offers a straightforward solution to find out valuable hardware information and even identify some unknown components. The app doesn’t require any installation. It does provide the possibility though. All you need to do is run it. It doesn’t use any additional files, nor does it write to the registry.  

CPU information like name and number, core stepping and process, package, and much more. Mainboard information like vendor, model and revision, BIOS model and date, chipset and sensor, and graphic interface. Memory information like frequency, timings, and module specification using SPD (like vendor and default timings). It will also show you systems Windows and DirectX versions. 

CPU-Z Crack Software Revision 

CPU-Z Crack software is a very useful and practical tool that displays all the information about the computer system. Users can easily check detailed information on popular systems such as desktops and laptops easily and quickly. CPU-Z software has a very attractive and user-friendly interface and displays detailed information on a single page. The basic information about the system that can be viewed through the CPU-Z software is RAM, HDD, processor name and vendor, core step and process, processor package, internal and external clocks, clock multiplier, overclock detection partial, motherboard and chipset, each. 

Internal core frequency, memory frequency, and cache levels. The best and most amazing thing is that you do not need to learn any additional skills or computer knowledge to access the information on the PC. Simply install the lightweight CPU-Z software and get a detailed overview of your systems. One more amazing thing about CPU-Z software is that users can save reports about PC in TXT or HTML formats. So if you want to explore your systems and know more about them just install CPU-Z software and enjoy. 

Key Features: 

  • Accurately determine the main characteristics of the processor: name, type of core and steps, the connector used, support for certain multimedia instructions, cache size, and parameters 
  • Provides data on current operating modes: processor and bus frequencies, multiplier, supply voltage 
  • Provides information about the amount and current mode of operation of RAM, and the content of SPD blocks of memory modules. Plus basic motherboard information and a separate memory latency benchmark. 
  • PC Single Page Overview 
  • CPU, motherboard, and memory details 
  • Real-time measurement 
  • CPU-Z Crack is Easy to use and install 
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface 
  • Compatible with the latest operating systems 
  • Save the report in TXT or HTML format 


  • ARM Cortex A32, A35, and A75. 
  • Mediatek MT8167D. 
  • Allwinner H3, H5, and H6. 
  • Exynos 7880/7885. 


  • Name and number. 
  • Core step by step and process. 
  • Package. 
  • Core voltage. 
  • Internal and external clocks, multiplier clocks. 
  • Compatible instruction sets. 
  • Cache information. 


  • Seller, model, and review. 
  • BIOS model and date. 
  • Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor. 
  • Graphic interface. 


  • Frequency and times. 
  • Specification of the module(s) using SPD (Serial Presence Detect): vendor, serial number, timetable. 
System Requirements: 
  • Operating Systems (Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10) 
  • Installed memory (RAM): 256 MB 
  • 10MB hard drive 

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